2014-2023 Bill Jones Equipment Company INC

All the remounts below were assembled or combined here in-house at Bill Jones Equipment CO., INC. in Livingston, TX. Each truck varies in features due to requests and feed back from customers. All of these trucks have already been sold, and are not available. Call us for your custom unit needs. Lead times vary.

2021 Peterbilt with 2012 Terex C4047

2020 Peterbilt with 2008 Terex C4047

2020 KW 4x4 with 2014 Altec AA55

2020 KW 4x4 with 2013 Altec AA55

2020 KW 4x4 with 2008 Terex C4047

2020 Freightliner with 2008 Terex C4047

2021 Ford F750 4x4 with 2010 Terex HRX60

2021 Ford F750 with 2011 Terex HRX55

2018 Ford F750 with 2004 Terex XT60-70

2018 Ford F750 with 2012 Altec LRV56

2022 Ford F750 with 2015 Terex XT60

2018 Freightliner SD108 w 2009 Terex C5050

22 Chevy 6500HD with 08 Altec L37MR

22 Ford F550 XLT 4x4 w 08 Terex TL38P

22 Frht M2 4x4 with 08 Terex C4047

23 Frht M2 w 13 Altec AN55E-OC